The Electrochemical Nanomaterials Lab

The Electrochemical Nanomaterials Lab at Simmons University develops novel methods to address anthropogenic climate change. Using nature as inspiration, we design novel inorganic materials for use as catalysts for electrochemical conversion of pollutants and as sensors for their detection.

CO2 Reduction

PFAS Biosensors

Nitrate Reduction

We take an interdisciplinary approach rooted in electrochemistry, the relationship between electrical potential (a voltage) and chemical reactions. No other technique gives the experimentalist more control over the chemical potentials of species in solution than electrochemistry, and hence electrochemical methods are poised to deliver solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges. We employ foundational knowledge and insights at the intersection of inorganic chemistry, materials science, synthetic biology, thermodynamics, and kinetics to develop new materials and methods for the mitigation of man-made climate change.

Nanoparticle Synthesis


Synthetic Biology